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Data processing Karify

Jij wilt graag weten waar je aan toe bent en hoe wij data processen. Daarom hebben we dit op deze pagina neergezet, zodat je ze altijd nog even kunt nalezen.



Personal Karify Environment

The necessary information for a Karify account is an email address and your full name. This data is used for notifications. In addition, your date of birth is requested to verify your age and in case memebership of a Healthspace as a secon check on your indentity.

In the case of two factor authentication by SMS, a telephone number is requested. Within data and images can be stored about your health. You choose who this information is shared with. In addition, Karify saves your browser type, browser language, IP address, and information about your operating system and device for the purpose of improving Karify. Selecting a profile photo is optional.


Healthcare providers design their Healthspace so that they can provide their service. The data you enter in the Healthspace are not mandatory for the use of Karify, but are required for this service. Within an Healthspace, the healthcare provider is responsible for processing the data and has signed a processor agreement with Karify.

Healthcare providers offer online services in their Healthspace as part of your care, for example, assignments, registrations, and messaging functionality.

Technical Data

In addition to data that you enter yourself, Karify stores a number of data for the proper functioning of the application.

  • To keep you logged in while using Karify, Karify places session cookies.
  • In addition, Karify places cookies for analysis, in order to guarantee and improve the functioning of the application. The information that is collected with it is not supplied to third parties.
  • Third party websites place cookies in certain parts of the Karify website. These are useful extras, such as Google maps with interactive directions or a video.
  • The website also places tracking cookies to analyze the use of You can refuse these cookies during your visit to Intended are non-necessary cookies.
  • You can completely exclude cookies via the settings of your browser (internet program). More information about cookies and the disabling of cookies can be found on the website If you do not accept these cookies, the website may become less pleasant to use or even unusable.


How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

Karify offers with the aim to preserve online treatment and communication in a secure environment. We keep your data as along as you have an account with Karify. If you wish to delete your account, we will do so within the statutory period.

If you wish to delete your account?

Where Do We Store Your Data?

Your data will be stored within the EU in accordance with European laws and regulations.

Who Can View Your Data?

Karify offers care providers an Healthspace. If you are a member of an Healthspace, Karify creates a personal record with data that you enter in the context of this Healthspace. Those files are visible for staff members of the Healthspace who have a connection with you. It is clear to you at all times with whom you have a connection.